V-belt systems

Customized technology for the best reliability

For V-belt manufacturers that would like to meet increasing customer demands at a professional level, the V-belt systems from KraussMaffei Berstorff are the ideal systems for coated, open-flank V-belts or V-ribbed belts. Their customized technology lets them offer production and investment security thanks to high product quality and reliability. Depending on the requirement, systems with different system components can be equipped for semi-finished products, assembly, vulcanization, cutting, grinding, measuring, inspecting and stamping. The result is a system optimally tailored to the product. A system whose versatility speaks for itself and makes it easy to have profitable production.

Coated V-belts - system design features:

  • Build-up in layers on separating drums in a separating drum building up machine
  • Profiling and scooping out sections for unfinished belt parts
  • Coating unfinished belt parts in a coating machine
  • Vulcanizing and stabilizing V-belts in a V-belt AUMA

Open-flank V-belt and V-ribbed belts – system design features

  • Build-up in layers on smooth or cogged separating drums in a separating drum building up machine
  • Vulcanization in autoclaves with freely movable vulcanization sleeves
  • Cooling the belt winding and drum in a cooling water pool.
  • Removing the belt winding from the drum in a stripper
  • Cutting the belt winding into individual belts using a cutting machine (VBC or drum cutting machines)
  • V-ribbed belts manufactured in a similar process to smooth belts
  • Special grinding machine for profiling.

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