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More than 80 years after its market launch, the KraussMaffei Berstorff AUMA stands for quality and long-term productivity. In the production of floor coverings, wall panels, and conveyor belts made of PVC, or when pressing chipboards and fiberboards, it remains a synonym for flexibility, product quality, and reliability.

The functional principle of the automatic mat vulcanizing system (AUMA) is largely based on the heating drum, deflector rolls and range of pressure components. The pressure belt winds around the heating drum at the largest part of its circumference and presses, while under high tensile stress, the material to be vulcanized, welded or pressed against the heating drum. A drive on the upper deflector roll continuously regulates the velocity, depending on the intended use. Constant production conditions provide for a reproducible product with high quality in longitudinal and transverse directions.

For manufacturing floor coverings made of PVC or polyolefin granulate, chips and films, KraussMaffei Berstorff has the two-drum AUMA V. It is equipped with a heating drum with additional infrared radiation heating and a cooling drum. The product is heated, formed and cooled between the two steel bands in a single process. A smooth surface and high quality of the product are guaranteed at all times.


AUMA for doubling and vulcanization of rubber webs as well as for welding of PVC tracks
AUMA functional principle
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